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The Student News Site of Flintridge Sacred Heart

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The Student News Site of Flintridge Sacred Heart

Veritas Shield

Writer Sara Green smiles with her family in a pink hanbok in front of her brother’s banquet table during his traditional Korean birthday party.
Hyphenated heritage: what my multicultural identity means to me
By Sara Green, Social Media Manager • February 9, 2023

When I was younger, I had a box of building blocks. The lid of the box had different shapes cut into it, where each respective block could be placed inside. Every day, I would empty the box out and sort the blocks through the...

Sophia Garcia ‘24 works with her cast during tech week the day before opening night of the dance concert.
One step at a time: Student choreographers on the Hill
By Sara Green, Social Media Manager • March 2, 2023

With tickets sold out for all four shows, it is clear that Tologs are excited about the upcoming dance concert “Between Shadows and Light.” Including dances from the dance...

While cards with hearts and baby angels are what Valentine’s Day is associated with now, that was not always the case.
The extraordinary history of Valentine’s Day
By Claudia Lee, Associate Editor • February 17, 2023

Valentine’s Day is widely regarded as a day of love and romance, celebrated with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses and cheesy greeting cards. But the actual history...

Ava Barraza ‘24 (right) feels super cool after celebrating Valentine’s Day at school, receiving candy and sweet notes.
Has Valentine’s Day changed, or have we?
By Madison Wuu, Associate Editor • February 17, 2023

Nothing beats the excitement of celebrating Valentine’s Day in school in the United States. There’s something truly special about spending the entire day indulging in  sweets...

When the demands of school and extracurriculars become overwhelming, students retreat to the library to work, reducing their much-needed break time.
Treat yo’ self (but only after homework)
By Tyler Frey, Staff Writer • February 17, 2023

Get good grades, make the team, get cast in the play, build your portfolio, pad your resume. Get enough sleep, prioritize your mental health and make choices for yourself. High...

Paris Hilton, 2000 (left), and Julia Orue 24, 2022 (right). Elements of Hiltons style and outfit composition can be seen in Orues outfit today.
Low-rise jeans and baby tees: Bad for your health?
By Maria Boutros, Staff Writer • January 6, 2023

Low-rise jeans, track suits, cargo pants and baby tees are all widely recognized as iconic staples in the 2000s fashion lookbook. Throwback photos of celebrities like Britney Spears...

Guinevere Andrews ‘24 drinks coffee religiously. She always buys it from Starbucks in the morning so she’s ready for the school day ahead of her. Her go-to order is an iced vanilla latte.
Coffee lovers will be in trouble when the apocalypse hits
By Madison Wuu, Associate Editor • December 12, 2022

Coffee is deeply ingrained in our society as one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Drinking just the right amount can increase our alertness and enhance our mood, but...

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Sara Green ‘23 considers the many different aspects of love as she formulates her expert love advice.
Sara’s Suggestions: Sharing the love
By Sara Green, Social Media Manager • February 17, 2023

I know what you’ve all been thinking: when will Social Media Manager Sara Green ‘23 give us love advice? Luckily for you, the time has come. In January, I asked our loyal @veritasshield Instagram followers for their pressing Valentine’s Day questions. Below is what was submitted, along with my two cents on each question (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any love liabilities that occur after...