Teachers reflect on the class of 2019

As another year approaches its end, Tologs are filled with a certain bittersweet feeling. Yes, on the Hill everyone aches for summertime, but at the same time, a sense of melancholy surrounds the seniors’ final weeks on campus.

Who will be there next year to awkwardly sing, dance and jump around on announcements? Who will we find constantly knocked out in the heavenly bed in Nurse Kathy’s office? Who will fill the hallways with colorful, non-FSHA sweatpants and sweatshirts?

As we mourn the loss of our beloved seniors, we turn to the rocks of our school, the teachers, for guidance regarding the seniors’ departure. The teachers’ parting words vary from heartfelt, teary goodbyes to loving advice about navigating the current economy.

Mr. Mark Bernstein leans back in his chair and confidently begins to bring forth an earnest yet meaningful goodbye.

“Thank God they are finally leaving. I’m just kidding. Don’t write that.”

He pauses, bringing gravitas to the moment in that classic Bernstein way.

“They are an interesting class. They brought a lot of interesting perspective to the school. There are some good leaders, a lot of good thinkers and writers, and artists and performers. They will be missed.”

A classic Mr. Bernstein response: simple, elegant and effective.

Ms. Nora Murphy — queen of the library, fearless leader of the JRP and SRP, Noodle Tools connoisseur — takes a minute to ponder her memories of the class of 2019. She tears up and Murphy settles into an ode to the senior class.

“The seniors have worked so hard throughout their time at FSHA. We have watched them go from little 14-year-old 9th-grade girls to 18-year-old high school graduates. I think that these seniors are leaving behind a mark of the power of joy and enthusiasm. There is just a lot of love being poured out from the senior class. That love can be looked a lot of different ways. To teachers it might look like disorganization or being overly excited, but it really is such a beautiful thing about them.”

Mr. Andy Cramer, FSHA’s favorite Cubs fan, shares his feelings about the class of 2019.

“The thing I love about the senior class is that they say what they mean and mean what they say. You don’t have to guess with them, and I love them for that simply because it makes it easier to teach them. I know what they need; they will tell me what they need, and I absolutely love that.” said Cramer.

“Teaching at an all girls school is about emotion anyway, but teaching this specific class, that can be both a good and bad thing. If the emotion is heading in the right direction, they can accomplish great things, but if not they are hanging from the light fixtures.”

When asked about any inside jokes and/or any special memories of the seniors, Mr. Cramer laughed. “Somehow they got it out of me that in high school my nickname was ‘Cram-dog.’ Ever since then — and no other class has done this — they have resurrected my high school nickname. It is one of those things that makes me nostalgic for high school but at the same time appreciative of the seniors for who they are.”

If the seniors are going to miss one thing, I think we all know that it will be Cram-dog’s Meetings of the Minds.

After hunting down history and economics sage Mr. Mike Thornton he delivered his own farewell to the seniors. His resounding, booming voice could not even begin to mask his raw emotional state.

“I think that they are leaving at a very difficult time. The economy is not very good, so for them to be able to get jobs might be tough. My hope is that they all select appropriate majors that allow them to become productive members of the economy.”

A heartwarming response, Mr.Thornton. Though isn’t the economy, at least according to President Trump, at an all time high?

St. Katherine Drive will undoubtedly feel a little bit empty without the Class of 2019, but as the seniors slip on their white gloves and toss their final rose petals over the Hill, there is also no doubt that their charisma and character will live on for many years to come.