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How to lose a prom date in 10 days

Danny Portillo, Matt Limongelli, Frank Lichtman and Cooper Schwartz: four of the prom dates FSHA students managed not to loose. Photo taken by taken by Houston Sandford ’25.

Between landing the right date, finding the perfect dress and getting your hair and nails done perfectly, prom season can be a stressful time. While a little anxiety or nervousness is perfectly acceptable, there are 10 things you must absolutely not do leading up to prom – because they’ll lead you to lose your date.


     1. Text your date non-stop in the weeks leading up to prom.

Blow up their phone! Send them endless messages all day, every day. Lastly, get upset with them when they take longer than 10 minutes to respond.


     2. Send your date prom inspo TikToks every day.

Everyone has seen the viral TikTok videos during prom season. Send every video that you see on your “for you page” to your date and tell them that the two of you have to recreate it before prom.


     3. Act like you’re obsessed with your date.

Start adding all of your date’s friends on social media and text them too. Make sure you ask about them every day. Convince people you’re weirdly obsessed with your date. 


    4. Be vague about your plans.

Do not make it clear what your plan is for prom. Don’t tell them what color dress you are wearing, what kind of corsage they should buy, whose house you’re going to for pictures or when they should be there.


    5. Stalk their social media.

Go on your date’s Instagram and like their posts from years ago. Check their tagged posts as well and maybe leave a like and comment. Go on TikTok and like their reposts. Nobody likes a nosy nelly.


    6. Be hot & cold.

Be unpredictable. One second you’re so excited for prom and your date is your best friend, the next you completely ghost them and tell all your friends you’re dreading prom. Imagine what could happen at the dance…


    7. Be late to pick up your date.

Tell your date you’ll meet them at a certain time. Then don’t show up. When they text you to ask where you are, say you’ll be there soon. Then don’t get there for another hour.


   8. Get an awful haircut right before.

Tell your date that you’re getting your hair done weeks prior, then right before the dance, get an awful haircut. Imagine showing your friends the pictures.


   9. Ignore your date at prom.

Don’t talk to your date the whole night. Being awkward is one thing, but completely ignoring them is the ultimate deal breaker.


   10. Spend the entire night of prom flirting with someone else’s date.

Nothing is worse than spending 130 dollars on a prom ticket, buying a dress, and doing your hair and nails, just to find that your date is interested in someone else.

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Houston Sandford
Houston Sandford, Staff Writer
Houston Sandford 25’ is a new staff member ofr the Shield and is looking forward to what this year has to offer. When she is not spending time with her family and friends, you can find her baking, working at Sushi Roku in Pasadena or binging “Working Moms.”
Caroline Krappman
Caroline Krappman, Staff Writer
Caroline Krappman is a junior and staff writer on the Veritas Shield. She is new to the paper and excited to be working on the shield this year. In her free time, she loves listening to music and spending time with her friends and family.

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