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Little sisters say farewell

A bittersweet departure: Carly and Caitlin Norton prepare to say goodbye as graduation nears. Photo by Sophia Tovar ’26

In life, certain moments stand out as unforgettable moments. For many families, it’s the departure of an older sibling for college – a bittersweet transition as the family dynamic shifts and a new chapter begins with both pride and gloominess. This spring on the Hill, many younger sisters are preparing tender farewells for their graduating sisters. 

I am currently a sophomore at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and have a sister who is a senior.  Next fall, my sister Caitlin Norton ‘24 will be going to Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. As her graduation comes closer, I realize that it’s going to be difficult for me to transition from having my sister around all the time to not being able to see her every day. I know that for me and the other younger sisters on the Hill, this adjustment will take time. 

For me, the bond I have with my sister has always been an important part of my life. Caitlin and I have always had a close relationship and growing up together has been one of the greatest gifts that life has shown me. Other Tologs with sisters in this year’s senior class agree.

“It’s like growing up with a built-in best friend,” Payton Anderson ‘26, whose sister is Frankie Anderson ‘24, said. 

Growing up with Caitlin also felt like growing up with a built-in best friend. At home, there has always been a comfort in knowing that my sister was just down the hall, and I knew that I could always talk with her. 

As we got older, Caitlin and I developed very different personalities. We were different on the outside and inside. Caitlin was the brunette, shorter sister, who had a strong liking for theater, while I was the blonde, taller sister with a love of fashion. Though you might think that these differences would push us apart, they only pulled us closer together. Despite our contrasts, we have been able to find things we enjoy doing together like going to the movies, singing karaoke in the car, and shopping.

Other siblings at FSHA agree that even though they and their big sisters are very different people, they almost always find joy in each other’s company. 

“My sister [Frankie Anderson ‘24] and I have super opposite personalities, but there are small things that we do [together] like going out to eat after practice or listening to music in the car. It’s something that we have always done and we always grew up doing,” Anderson said. 

“We got closer because we were able to carpool more and have one-on-one time after school. We were able to become more connected and also understood each other more,” Jacqueline Ward ‘26, sister of Katherine Ward ‘24, said. 

Other Tologs also reflected on how their siblings’ leaving will impact their day-to-day lives. 

“If something bad happens at school or practice, we always talk about it. I’m going to miss that a lot. Especially talking with someone that gets me,” Ward said. 

Although the departure of our older siblings is daunting, there are a handful of positives to look forward to. For example, next year we’ll be able to visit our siblings in college, and we can always look forward to their phone calls.

With this, June 2nd, the last day of classes, will mark our farewell to our older siblings, imbued with love, resilience and a belief in the enduring power of sisterhood. As we all embark on our respective journeys, we will continue to cherish memories of our shared experiences and the unbreakable bond of sisters.

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Carly Norton, Staff Writer
Sophomore Carly Norton is a new staff writer for the Veritas Shield. She is eager to enhance her writing skills in contributing to the paper. In her free time, Carly enjoys reading, scrolling through Pinterest, listening to music and hanging out with her friends.

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