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Tologs’ ideal schedule

Freshmen using FLEX block for catching up on schoolwork. Photo bvy Madison Wuu ’24

As we kicked off the ‘23-’24 school year, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy instituted a new daily schedule featuring an earlier lunch period, the addition of Tolog Time and an increase in the number of assemblies. But is this new schedule effective? No question has generated more speculation and debate. Earlier this month we at the Shield issued a call for students’ and faculty members’ opinions and ideas regarding the schedule, and the response has been overwhelming. To date we’ve received 69 responses, including a wide range of ideas and suggestions.

21 people expressed a preference for last year’s schedule, which began at 8:30 in the morning and ended at 3:10 in the afternoon. Office hours took place during the Post Lunch period; this block was also designated as a time for clubs to meet. Additionally, flex blocks were reserved for assemblies.

“I wish the schedule would go back to the way it was last year. I got all of my work done during post lunch and didn’t feel overwhelmed with work to complete,” an anonymous Tolog said.

Many Tologs stated that their ideal schedule would involve modifying last year’s schedule by adding a break between the first and second blocks, rather than after the second block. Furthermore, many respondents suggested reducing assembly time.

This school year, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy introduced a new addition to the school day: Tolog Time. Underclassmen attend advisory sessions during this period, while upperclassmen utilize it for college applications and schoolwork. Occasionally, Tolog Time is also used for assemblies. It has been suggested by students that Tolog Time should be placed as the last block of the day.

“As an athlete, I’m very aware of the workload that is caused from missing classes due to games. I think it would be very beneficial on peoples’ mental health because they would be allowed more time out of school to stay on top of things,” Meaghan Coyle ‘24 said.

“Earlier dismissal times would give athletes more time to work after school and practice, and also just make students feel more motivated during the day. Students who take the bus would get home much earlier and have more time after school,” Raya Frayeh ‘27 said.

While some students advocate for earlier dismissal, others value late starts more.

“As someone who plays sports year round, getting home late from a game knowing I have an extra hour to sleep in is so nice. I can get more sleep and I feel more rested for the school day,” an anonymous Tolog said.

“Having Tolog Time last would [ensure that] people didn’t miss class for sports, therefore not having to make up that much work anyway. Getting out earlier means that sports can start earlier for practice or if there is a game that means they can do the homework before. Getting out early would also allow teachers who have to get work done time to do so but still have an early day too” Meaghan Coyle ‘24 said. 

Many students  also proposed tha Tolog Time should be optional for upperclassmen. Currently during this block, upperclassmen sometimes miss the chance to speak with teachers because  these teachers  serve as Tolog Time advisors.

“There should be a system where students have to schedule with the teachers ahead of time if they would like to meet during Tolog Time. If the faculty is not booked during Tolog Time, they should be allowed to leave early as well,” Joanna Li ‘25 said. 

Evident from the numerous responses we received via the Google form, it’s clear that the schedule is an issue people are passionate about and one that can be worked upon. Many of the respondents to our survey shared detailed proposals about what their ideal schedule looks like. Here are a few that we believe deserve special consideration.

During the first two weeks of April, the school administration tested out a new schedule, pushing lunch times back while keeping the start and end times the same. With the FSHA administration assessing the effectiveness of its schedule, speculation is circulating that further adjustments to our current schedule may be on the way.

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