Looking back on Sister Celeste’s favorite Halloweens


Martha Lem

For Halloween on the Hill 2016, Sister Celeste dressed up as Michael Jackson.

Halloween on the Hill is a beloved tradition for all Tologs. On October 31, every student, staff and faculty member in sight  is dressed up for the holiday. There are games, costume competitions, raffles and food. In past years, Flintridge Sacred Heart’s dance students even led a flash mob. 

Some groups have certain themes; for example, last year, the seniors dressed as Nurse Kathy. The staff and faculty always follow a general concept as well. Departments typically have their own themed costumes, too. 

Sister Celeste is a big fan of Halloween on the Hill. Her costumes never fail to bring laughter and joy to the community while also being very creative and thoughtful. In the gallery below,  you can see some highlights of Sister’s iconic costumes from past Halloweens.

Although each year’s costume has its own topic, Halloween on the Hill always has the same theme: community and fun. 

“I like Halloween because it’s just a fun day,” Sister Celeste said. “You can be crazy, and that’s okay. So I hope everybody participates!”