Seniors hopeful for the future of soccer program


Coach Bree

This year’s varsity soccer team made it to the first round of CIF playoffs but fell to Long Beach Wilson in the first round.

The clock runs out. FSH is down by a goal, and the season is over. After a heartbreaking loss in CIF playoffs, the seniors on Sacred Heart are finished with their high school soccer careers. Now that the season is officially over, the seniors are leaving the team to the juniors and underclassmen. While the team did not make it to the CIF championship like they did freshman year, the seniors still have to hand off the team leadership to the younger players.

The seniors are confident that the juniors are prepared to lead next year. 

“I think the seniors had their time. We ended on a sad note, but we tried our hardest, and I think the juniors are ready to take over,” Madison Don ‘22 said. 

Because there were so many starting seniors this year, the juniors will get more playing time next year.

“The juniors are really strong players, great people and confident with good morals. They’re good kids,” Co-captain Helena Locatelli ‘22 said.

Even without this year’s captains, the juniors are confident that they will keep the team successful. 

“Over the past three years, I have become very close to the seniors on the soccer team. Although next season will bring a different dynamic without [the captains’] energy and motivating leadership, I feel that the current talent on the FSH team will be able to carry on their legacy,” Eva Lopez ‘23 said.

This year’s seniors can’t wait to see what the juniors and underclassmen will do next year.

“I am going to miss playing high school soccer because it’s a big chapter of my life that’s now closed. I’ll definitely be coming back to watch some games, which will be exciting,” Risha said.

Even though the seniors had their high school careers cut down due to Covid, soccer taught them lessons and created strong friendships.

“Through the years, I have bonded with my teammates, especially the ones who are in my grade, and this year we got super close. Getting closer to all of my teammates, especially the younger ones, has really taught me so much, and I’m super grateful for all of their friendship. This season was a challenge in many ways, but I’m extremely proud of the team and what we were able to accomplish,” Co-Captain Allison Risha ‘22 said.