90 years of uniforms on the Hill


Claudia Lee '24

Above is a collage made of snapshots of uniforms at Flintridge Sacred Heart since 1931.

When you think of the Flintridge Sacred Heart uniform, specific images spring to mind: the red blazer and white button-up paired with a plaid skirt and black flats on formal dress days; the pink, blue or plaid skirts with navy, green and white polos on regular days. 

But a school that has been operating for over 90 years is bound to have gone through many changes, and uniforms at FSH are no exception. While the class of 1977 would feel at right home in red blazers and plaid skirts, the class of 1936 might wonder what happened to their dark blue dresses with white collars. 

Take a trip through time and click on the gallery below to find out what exactly Tologs wore 90, 50 and 25 years ago.