Senior privileges are underway


Jacqueline Fitzpatrick '22

With spring semester underway, seniors can now plan on representing their future colleges through what they wear to school.

The senior class of 2022 kicked off the new semester with their first week on Zoom, but now they are back on campus, meaning they finally get to experience their senior privileges, as FSH initiates senior privileges at the start of the spring semester, upon a formal request from the senior board. 

This year’s senior privileges typically include wearing a college sweatshirt, free dress on Fridays and designing a class sweatshirt and t-shirt. 

 Senior Tologs are excited to have an adjustment to the change in rules. 

“I am thrilled to be cozy and wear sweats on Fridays,” Katie Pallares ’22 said.

In addition, there is much excitement in the senior class to represent where they will spend the next four years.

“It’s exciting to have the chance to be able to express myself through free dress and wear a college sweatshirt,” Maya Ismail ‘22 said.