Next stop, adulthood


Natalie Oktanyan '22

Time is flying, and soon enough, Tologs will be all grown up.

Most juniors in the class of 2022 have already turned 17 and are slowly inching closer and closer to adulthood. Although age is just a number, a year can bring a world of difference in such departments as voting, joining the military, purchasing a lottery ticket and buying insurance policies. Looking towards the future frightens many Tologs while also producing excitement. 

Like many of her classmates, Allison Risha ’22 is looking forward to having independence. 

“I am looking forward to having my own space and being able to have my own individual schedule and kind of run my own life,” Risha said.

Ella Minton ’22 also shares an eagerness for moving out and gaining independence. Living on her own and being able to decorate her own space is at the top of this Tolog’s list.

“When I am 18, I am just excited to have my own space,” Minton said.

The thought of going away to college raises new questions about familiarity and comfort in a whole new environment. 

“I have been in California for my whole life, and I don’t really know what life is like in other states, especially with seasons and other weather,” Minton said.

While junior Tologs look forward to adulthood, they also feel that they missed some of their youth during Covid.

“I definitely feel like we didn’t get the chance to be reckless and have the teenage stage because Covid has made us so careful. I am hoping this summer we can get some of that back and be able to just go out again,” Risha said.

Riley Peterson ’22 agrees and looks forward to the upcoming summer.

“There are so many different things we could have done this past year that we haven’t had the chance to with Covid-19 and all, but I plan on making the most out of this upcoming summer,” Peterson said. 

With this past year just “zooming” by, adulthood is fast approaching. Juniors are preparing mentally for this upcoming change. 

“Turning 18 seems very scary and daunting at the moment. Moving away from all my friends and family for college is definitely a scary thing, and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with being alone. That said, I’m also very excited about the future and about being independent and growing into my own,” Risha said.