An ode to senior year

Joelle Souma 21 gives Christina Costanzo 21 a friendly elbow bump during their first get together after quarantine.

Angelina Arevalos '21

Joelle Souma ’21 gives Christina Costanzo ’21 a friendly elbow bump during their first get together after quarantine.

Senior year is a milestone in the lives of American teenagers. With the pandemic, however, the senior class of 2021 was not able to enjoy all of the traditions that make senior year special at FSH. Though we are grateful for our health and safety during this past year, and we are grateful that we were able to come back to campus after spring break to enjoy the end of our senior year, I’d like to take a second to acknowledge the isolation we faced during a monumental year in our high school careers. This is my ode to senior year. 


At least we get a semi-normal graduation 

Farewell senior year experiences we’ve missed 

The years 2020 to 2021 have felt like a hallucination 

Second semester of junior year struck us with a twist 

Zoom fatigue and online classes, never again will we take school for granted 

Spring break and summer vacation spent with family instead of friends 

Forever missing the aquainted faces we passed in the hallway 

Our worldview expanded and will now be seen through a different lens 

Who knew in-person events would make us feel enchanted 

Cheers to our therapists for all the times we’ve ranted 

Feels like this year went the wrong way 

No opportunity for closure 

What is real life? 

No physical touch, we lack exposure 

Politics putting close friends in a strife 

No more carpooling or weekend trips to viewpoints 

Wanting, needing, an escape from the world 

Remote learning robbed us of a proper education 

Our minds and souls, caught in a swirl 

Hope for peace and normalcy disappoints 

Feels like this year won’t have any endpoints 

No clue when we’re getting out of this situation 

No more prom king and queen, 

Only talk about vaccines 

Getting our nails done, never to be seen 

Always stuck behind a screen 

Flog, Stagecoach, Coachella  

Never thought I’d miss a mosh pit 

Football and basketball games 

Where is all my school spirit? 

Can’t see any more of those SF or Loyola fellas 

Don’t remember the last time I put on mascara 

Senior year has gone up in flames