Behind the scenes of this year’s dance production


Lina Urquiza '22

Sofia Joyner ‘24, pictured above, films some moves for the 2021 dance production, “Homebodies.”

Like all FSH classes, dance on the Hill has taken place through virtual learning since March of 2020. To produce this year’s dance performance, “Homebodies,” some students have come up to campus to be filmed, while some have filmed themselves dancing at home. The concert, which will take the form of a dance film festival, will be shown on April 23 through the streaming platform Stellar. The link to purchase tickets will be sent out on March 23.

The Veritas Dance Project (VDP) is comprised of the dance program’s most dedicated students. Students in VDP are filming their parts on campus. 

“Veritas Dance Project is coming onto campus one at a time or in socially distanced groups. We are filming only one person in each shot, and if there is more than one person in a shot, they will be masked,” dance teacher Ms. Jessie Ryan said.  

The cinematography is going to be a key aspect of the dance concert and will introduce something new that has not been a part of in-person dance concerts on the Hill. 

“We are filming at the octagon with drones and a professional camera crew. It’s going to be so amazing, and I think the different shots and scenery will pull all of the dances together really well and make for a pretty look,” VDP member Julia Kinsel ‘22 said.

Sofia Joyner ‘24 is a freshman who, before coming to campus, had only danced with the VDP virtually and had not been able to meet many of her classmates in person.

“Going back to school and meeting everybody is the best part. Everyone is really nice and I finally get to actually meet people at our school, instead of being on Zoom. In-person, we feed off of each other’s energy and it’s a lot easier knowing each other now,” Joyner said.

Dance is oriented around the performer, so the technique can vary from person to person. In the Veritas Dance Project, Ms. Ryan enables the trainees to develop their own sense of style. 

“Ms. Ryan definitely wants it to be our own dance project. She is helping us with whatever we need,” Joyner said.