Holiday decorating during Covid? Davitt says yes


Davitt Family Photography, Inc.

Ms. Davitt embraces the holiday cheer with a full-sized tree and light-hearted decorations.

Ms. Davitt shuts her laptop after a long day on Zoom. She decides to rest her eyes and take a brisk walk around her block after a long day of teaching. She re-enters her home and finds herself greeted by the crisp pine smell of her authentic Christmas tree positioned perfectly in her living room. Her multicolored, dome-shaped Christmas lights shimmer outside her home on her balcony. She immediately feels a rushing sensation of spicy-sweet cinnamon aroma filling her lungs, and holiday cheer spreads through her veins, causing her to forget the world was even undergoing a global pandemic. 

Religion teacher and master crafter Ms. Abby Davitt has always loved decorating, whether the Christian Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) room on campus or her home. This year, however, Davitt has done even more decorating than she’s done in the past.

“I think decorating your home this year might be even more important than ever,” Davitt said.“Decorating, especially during this time, can really change your mindset from all of the uncertainty going on with the virus and really put you at ease.”

Davitt suggests that decorating not only helps you get in the holiday spirit but, in light of the pandemic, enhances your time spent in your home. 

“It’s extra important to take that extra step to decorate because of Covid, because you cannot go many places or see a lot of people. By decorating your home, you can still get back into this sense of normalcy that we don’t see a lot of today with the pandemic,” Davitt said. 

Known for the outstanding and creative decorations she implements in the CMLT room, Davitt revealed her decoration shopping secrets.

“A lot of my decorations are from the Dollar Tree as well as the first aisle in Target that is holiday-themed. I also have been really big on DIY decorations,” Davitt said. 

Davitt thinks that even during these unprecedented times, decorating can truly help bring a community together. 

“I think it does really help keep the spirit alive,” Davitt said.