As we head into the seventh month of quarantine, many people have acquired new hobbies to cope with the sheer boredom of isolation. During the early weeks of lockdown, baking banana bread and watching “Tiger King” seemed to be the most popular ways to pass time. The Veritas Shield would like to know if Tologs have discovered new, embarrassing forms of entertainment. Whether it’s a bizarre TV show or an unusual piece of music, what guilty pleasures have you indulged in during COVID-19? How have you been keeping yourself busy?

Ms. Emily Wilkinson

Frank Prisinzano’s Instagram, squirrel-watching, Patrick O’Brian’s “Master and Commander” novels, crispy Persian rice from Kismet, Grand Canyon, Izaak Opatz and Vincent Neil Emerson Ne.

Ms. Carol Jones

Binge-watching British dramas on Netflix and renovating old furniture by staining/painting it and selling it.

Sister Annunciata 

Playing with Mrs. Cordisco’s Frankie when I go to the library.

Mr. Justin Yaeger

Watching the first three seasons of “The OC” and watching a lot of “Love it or List,” “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” (I do not even like Guy Fieri) and “Big Brother All-Stars”.

Ms. Kathy Desmond

Watching TV if I have time.