As COVID-19 continues to spread, various events such as prom and Coachella have either been canceled or postponed. Alas, many of Flintridge Sacred Heart’s students and faculty will be missing out on an event they looked forward to all year. Even though the cancelation/postponement of these events is crucial for the safety of our community, Tologs will not only be missing an event but the experience that comes with it. What event, school-specific or otherwise, has been canceled that you were looking forward to most?

Mr. Drew Eisenstein 

I’m sure students are disappointed about missing these critical events of adolescence: prom, senior night, going to Coachella and realizing that Kanye West is older than me. But remember this: In 20, 30 years, many of you will be parents. Your kids are going to complain about how hard life is for them, how you never let them do anything, etc. No matter what they say, you will always be able to look them in the eye with a forlorn expression and tell them, “Well, when I was YOUR age, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house for months!” So there’s a silver lining to every cloud, even if that silver lining is the ability to guilt your children.

Tiffany Xia ’20

I looked forward to graduation the most, and I will be very sad if we don’t get the traditional FSHA graduation, since we have waited for this for four years.

Mr. Olympio D’Mello

More than the events, in my opinion, Tologs are missing out on the camaraderie, physical closeness, the warm proximity with classmates and buddies — all that help in emotional bonding and growth in friendship. The other valuable entity that has taken a huge hit is the classroom teacher-student relationship — the lack of which has adversely affected teaching and learning.

Mr. Kirk Nishiyama 

The majority of our softball season was canceled. I was looking forward to this year. I am very sad for our seniors. They have given so much to the softball program the past four years, and I am heartbroken that we were not able to share our last season together.

Ms. Emily Wilkinson

I love the running of the seniors and the physics regatta. These events have such a raucous, joyful, carefree energy and they mark the beginning of the graduation season and the departure of the senior class. As a teacher of seniors, it’s a bittersweet day for me because I am both delighted for the senior girls and all that lies ahead for them — and also feel a twinge of melancholy at the prospect of saying goodbye.

Mr. Charlie Tercek

My family and I were planning a trip to Italy, and I’m very sorry we won’t be able to do that. Above and beyond this, it’s little things that I’m missing more than big events: playing tennis with my tennis buddies … riding bikes on the beach with my daughter … having our friends over for backyard barbecues — these are the things I miss every day.

Angelina Reddy ’21

The spring musical was postponed (and probably canceled). It was going to be a very special show, outstandingly unique among all of our previous unique and special shows, with a quarter of the school involved in its production. Another event that was canceled was the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra’s trip to Vienna this summer to perform at the Muzikverein in celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday. Shout-out to Annie Yan and Emily Sam, who are also in the PYSO Philharmonic with me!

Ms. Christine Wheaton

My summer graduate program in Paraguay is canceled; changed the whole course of my program. More than any school event, I miss seeing everyone at Flintridge Sacred Heart. Teaching online just isn’t the same.