Stay in touch, Katrina & Meg <3


Katrina Manaloto and Meg Kalaw

Thumbs up for FaceTime!

Dear Tologs,

Neither of us can drive (sad, I know). Meg was going to get her license this month, and Katrina in June, but alas! Current conditions have closed the DMV. With our lack of licenses and our mutual experiences with strict parents, it seemed at first like quarantine and self-isolation weren’t going to change much about how we hung out with each other. But 2 ½ weeks into quarantine and hundreds of FaceTime calls, Google Meets, Google Hangouts, Snapchat videos AND regular snaps, texts and Instagram DMs later, our friendship has undeniably had to adapt to our lack of face-to-face communication.

Yes, every FSH student we know complains about having to be at school at least once a day, ourselves included. But even if it’s annoying at times, school has always been the constant that guarantees we see each other in person. Whether it be the drive to school (thanks, Claire), our entire ABC days, lunch on senior patio, the Research Alley™, visits to Miller in between classes or “random” meet-ups in the bathroom (definitely not during class), the physical experience of being at school with each other was something we definitely took for granted.

Now that our friendship is confined to a screen, we’ve found new and pretty enjoyable ways to bond. Who knew we’d be addicted to “Hay Day” in 2020 (join our neighborhood, quaranfarms) or making grilled cheese tutorials via FaceTime? Instead of just calling before a big English essay is due, now we find ourselves eager for any way to stay in touch. Lately, we’ve been FaceTiming as we stalk admitted students’ Facebook groups and laugh at how they all seem to think liking boba is a personality trait. Other times, we call each other and we don’t even talk; we just like knowing that the other person is there.  

We can’t rely on physical experiences anymore; all we can do is make sure to keep up the conversation.

Stay in touch,

Katrina & Meg <3