Mr. Buxman

Mr. Buxman crushes book and laptop at the same time.

Dear Tologs,

I love good storytelling. I am astounded by minds that can create entire worlds or can paint a picture of an individual’s psyche so clearly that I feel I have a new friend (or a new someone to be wary of). I am enchanted by visual artists who bring imagined worlds into reality and writers who can place me wholly inside a new culture. I love when a story is so far fetched that it is unbelievable but at the same time illuminates some important truth about my society, my relationships or my belief system. What makes a good movie, TV series or book is something that challenges or opens my thinking in new ways. My own reading and watching waxes and wanes through different genres and with different frequencies depending on life circumstances, but I always come back for another story. 

A while ago I decided to start documenting for myself what I read and watch, mostly because my memory is no longer as reliable as I remember it being. If you are looking for something to read or watch, feel free to browse my history. My movie recommendations are here, and my book recommendations are here.

If along the way you find you are reading/watching something interesting, I would love to hear about it. Discussing our experiences and interpretations can make even a great story better.


PSA: Having trouble finding that book you you can love? Your Tolog librarians are fantastic recommenders. Spend five minutes telling them who you are, and you will get a few books likely to be right up your alley.