Spring Break usually means traveling, swimming and spending time with friends. Students have been looking forward to the opportunities Spring Break brings since the beginning of second semester. However, with the unexpected spread of COVID-19, no one will be able to follow through with her plans. Even though it is critical that individuals stay at home to flatten the curve, it is unclear whether people will continue to do so, especially during the Break. Will you continue to practice social distancing? What are your thoughts about Spring Break?

Ava King ’23

I think that our current situation will most definitely influence Spring Break. People won’t be able to travel if they had plans to, and so many people’s Spring Breaks might be very different. Of course, I will still practice social distancing. I hope that people realize that, as disappointing as our situation is, it is for everyone’s best interests, and so we should all choose not to travel, for the safety and health of us all.

Emma Yates ’21 

I am bummed that we will have to spend Spring Break this way, because this Break is usually the one where I spend a lot of time with friends, for example at the beach or at each other’s houses. My family and I also had a fun trip planned for the Spring Break, and now we cannot go because of social distancing. It makes me a little sad to realize that we are going to be missing out on some fun and unforgettable memories, but I know that social distancing is necessary to keep ourselves and others safe, so I understand why this is happening.

Emilie Risha ’20

Right now, I feel that we will continue to practice social distancing until the peak of infection has passed, and that will likely (unfortunately) bleed into our Spring Break. Hopefully, the measures we are taking will help to not overwhelm the healthcare system, so that all those who need care can receive it. I’m sad to miss some of the special events that come this time of year, but ultimately I accept that my fun must be put on hold for the safety of our community and world. I hope that we can take this opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and rest for a while.

Julianna Zwart ’23

During Spring Break, I am still going to practice social distancing even though it makes me really sad that I will not be able to spend time with my friends. I am also just scared and worried about everything going on, so, as much as I would like for Break to be a relaxing time, I do not think it really will be.

Angelina Reddy ’21

I will most likely continue social distancing during Spring Break, but it will give me a chance to do so many things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I made a list of everything new I want to try out in this time of quarantine, but I haven’t really gotten time to start checking items off yet. I’m looking forward to Spring Break to give me the opportunity to do those.

Sarah Hanks ’20

I will continue practicing social distancing, and I BEG everyone else to do so as well, because if we don’t practice now, then we might not have a summer vacation, because the virus will continue to spread.