Tologs celebrate 5th anniversary of Covid-19 vaccine discovery

Sisters Carolyn and Celeste recall their “happy accident”


Sister Donna

The year 2025 appears to be going quite, quite well.

Note: This is a story from the April 13, 2025 issue of the Veritas Shield.

Today, on what has become an annual event at Flintridge Sacred Heart, Tologs celebrated the fifth anniversary of the day Sister Carolyn and Sister Celeste inadvertently discovered a cure to the coronavirus. From the porch of their beachfront resort in Maui, the two Sisters recounted the fateful steps that led to their breakthrough.

Sr. Carolyn: It was back in the spring of 2020. The entire school was shut down, and all of our students were at home, taking their classes online.

Sr. Celeste: The two of us were getting a little restless, so we decided to give the faculty break room in Cottage Four a deep clean.

Sr. Carolyn: Remember how that room always had such a funny smell?

Sr. Celeste: We went at it with mops and bleach, but that darn smell lingered. So we rolled up our sleeves and moved the furniture.

Sr. Carolyn: That’s when we found it. A bite-size piece of glazed donut, hidden behind the refrigerator and completely covered in mold.

Sr. Celeste: It must have rolled off a faculty member’s plate on a Donut Thursday and wound up back there.

Sr. Carolyn: Well, when I bent down to pick up the thing up, a vial of holy water slipped out of my pocket and spilled all over it.

Sr. Celeste: Something about the combination of donut mold and holy water triggered a chemical reaction.

Sr. Celeste: Our chemistry teachers, Ms. Miller and Ms. Sarkarati, confirmed that we had stumbled onto something significant. So we shared the news with the authorities in Washington, and next thing you know, they rolled out a vaccine.

Sr. Carolyn: The royalties from our discovery enabled us buy our mansion in Maui and make FSHA tuition-free for every student.

Sr. Celeste: All I can say is, God bless Donut Thursdays.

Sr. Carolyn: And smelly faculty break rooms!