Best regards, Ella and Ford


Ella Kitt

Ford strumming away on FaceTime

Welcome to Dear Tologs, a place where faculty, staff, and students not a part of the newspaper staff can share their thoughts with the school community. What shows have you been watching? How are you spending your time? Have you had any deep, introspective revelations while in isolation? We want to know! You can send your submissions to Mr. Dibblee (

A few days ago, I was hanging out with my friend, Ford, (on FaceTime, of course) and we were reminiscing about life before quarantine. Ford, the musical guy he is, was strumming his guitar as I professed my longing for the old days, the good times, the moments when I could chow down on a Jersey Mike’s Number 13 while looking over articles with my fellow editors. I told him we were trying to make the Veritas Shield a space of community in this time of isolation by implementing new interactive features, like Quora-style posts and a new column called Dear Tologs. Struck by the artistic inspiration provided by my unceasing passion for the Veritas Shield, Ford began vigorously typing on his computer. I asked him what he was doing and he simply replied, “I’m writing a song.” Fifteen minutes later, my phone buzzed and I received a voice memo entitled “Veritas Shield.”