Starting March 17th, Flintridge Sacred Heart began remote learning in response to the coronavirus. Remote learning is new to both students and teachers, but our community is learning how to transition together. Although many are frustrated with this new reality, the senior class of 2020 is understandably taking it the hardest. As of now, they are unfortunately unable to finish their last semester in high school on campus. How does this make you feel? What are your reactions to remote learning?

Kristen Asmar ’20

I’m just plain old sad. It’s my senior year, and I want to spend as much time as possible with everyone before we leave, and now that time is shortened. No more hallway conversations, goofing off during lunch or side convos during class. Now I’m stuck in my house, and I’m unable to separate my home from school. It’s not even about just seeing my close friends every day. It’s about talking to the people I am not as close with but still talk to every day. Those relationships hurt the most because, sorry to be depressing and all, they are the relationships that won’t be as strong after graduation. Plus, we are losing activities that are traditions. No more musical, softball/track senior nights or sophomore retreat for CMLT leaders. Prom, regatta, running of the seniors, senior toast, Disney day and, heck, even graduation may not happen or be limited. It’s just sad. Corona is taking everything that’s fun about school away from us and making us lonely. Every senior class jokes that they are the cursed ones, but COVID-19 is proof that the class of 2020 is the most cursed of all.

Ms. Singer

We responded swiftly to the situation and fortunately have the right tools to make this happen. The success of this transition depends on how well students read all communications and stick with the schedule and coursework. We need to all be patient and kind as this is a big change for everyone. 🙂

Linda Sun ’21

I have been really concerned about this whole Covid-19 epidemic. Many of our boarders have been frustrated seeing more schools in our area close but FSHA still continuing regular classes. So finally going online made me feel much better, since I can stay in my house and prevent any potential threat and contact with people who might have already been infected. I really appreciate the school for all the decisions that they have made. I hope this coronavirus will die out soon, and I look forward to moving back on the hill.

Sarah Peck ’20

At first, I was excited, but then when it actually got canceled, the fact that I was never gonna wear my plaid skirt again until formal dress days (assuming I remembered) sunk in, I was sad. I’m also sad I won’t get to see people I don’t normally hang out with outside of school as much anymore. I feel like we are missing out on our senior year.

Christina Costanzo ’21

I think people originally thought that the idea would be nice, considering that they wouldn’t have to go to school and that online learning would be easier, but now that this is a reality, I think a lot of people are really sad realizing that they’re not gonna see their friends and that life is gonna be really different. I think that actual classes will be OK, it’s just something we have to get used to, but the real difference would be having to stay home and transitioning to not seeing and interacting with people every day.

Ferryn Drake ’20

With it being our last few months of high school ever, I think a lot of seniors can agree that this a huge bummer. We have this giant clock hanging over our heads and the time with all of us being together is winding down. At the end of the day, we have to do what is going to keep everyone safe and healthy. However, a lot of us are bummed that we are missing out on pivotal second semester senior days/activities. The biggest bummer, though, is that we can’t be with one another in our limited time left at FSHA.