With New York, Washington, Oregon and California declaring emergencies due to the Coronavirus, many Americans are trying to keep good hygiene, washing their hands or using hand sanitizer constantly. It has become quite hard to find necessities such as toilet paper and plastic water bottles anywhere. Schools, places of worship and major tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook have shut down out of fear of spreading the virus. The Veritas Shield reached out to Tologs to share their thoughts and reactions about CO-VID 19. 

Sarah Choi ‘23

I think that the Coronavirus is a big deal. And the way people are reacting is just as big. People who feel threatened by this virus have no right to assault Asian people. Many Chinese people have been abused because people are scared of the Coronavirus.

Liz Mansour ‘22

Well, now that hand sanitizer is hundreds of dollars and hard to find, it pays to be that girl who collected Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in the fifth grade. My collection is finally being put to good use.

Christina Costanzo ‘21

It is definitely more concerning now that the Coronavirus is affecting Americans; however, I don’t think it is anything to worry about. I definitely agree that we should keep up our hygiene and do our best to stay healthy. I think that the whole issue has really just been blown out of proportion by the xenophobia surrounding the issue. I’m not that concerned that it will directly affect our generation’s demographic.

Sophia Rivera ‘22

I think that it is good that people are preparing and becoming aware of the importance of good hygiene, not only for the risk of the Coronavirus but for other illnesses as well. However, I do think some people are blowing it a bit out of proportion and causing more panic than need be. It is important to stay informed, to know the warning signs and to know the best ways to prevent it. I am not afraid of the virus, but I am keeping an eye on it like any other widespread illness. 

Another effect of this whole outbreak is the growing racism against Asian communities. It is not right to discriminate against a large group of people because of where the virus originated. It is important to look at the communities of people that are affected by this outbreak and to understand that they are not at fault for what has happened.

Sara Green ‘23

I don’t think Coronavirus is the apocalypse everyone is preparing for. It is definitely not the Black Plague 2.0… at least I hope not. Despite this, I’m terrified. Not sure if it’s just me, but I’m not really a fan of the whole death thing.

Zoe Maros ‘22

I think the media is blowing this up a bit too much. We have known about strands of the Coronavirus for a while. This strand is killing less people than the flu does annually. It’s usually very treatable for people our age. I just think people are overreacting a bit too much.