Christian says goodbye


Caitlin Cruz '22

“Getting food will definitely be different, but I am excited for Christian’s new journey and next steps in life,” Ms. Abby Davitt said.

After five years on the Hill, Christian Hankins, beloved Tolog Cafe employee, has decided to move to San Antonio, Texas in order to better support his family. He’ll be working in food service at another school. His last day was Monday, Sept. 30.

Tologs knew Christian as the man that would let you buy a Twix candy bar or a cookie even though your account was already negative 15. 

“I’m really going to miss Christian. He cared for each of us, and seeing him at lunch or break ready to give me a fist bump cheered me up whenever I was having a tough time,” Allison Risha ‘22 said. 

Many Tologs found it hard to say goodbye.

“Christian was a part of Flintridge Sacred Heart. I’ll forever miss him. He always put a smile on my face and brought out the best in me,” Brooke Miller ‘22 said.

People knew him as the guy who called everyone by her name and made everyone feel included. 

“Christian was honestly a big reason that I would go down to the gym to buy food… He also was one of the few staff members at FSHA who literally knew every student by name and had some type of inside joke,” Hayes Sullivan ‘21 said. 

Although leaving the Hill was difficult, Hankins he knew his decision to leave was ultimately necessary. 

“I feel very sad about it. I am going to miss you guys, and so it’s hard, but I gotta do what’s right for my family,” Christian said. 

Hankins will be missed not only by Tologs but also by his best friend, Omar Rivera, who also works at the Tolog Cafe. Before arriving on the Hill, Christian and Omar worked together at Disneyland. 

“I have worked with him for probably ten years now. He’s one of my best friends, and I am the godfather to his daughter. His leaving for San Antonio has had a very big impact on my personal life,” Omar Rivera said. 

A few Tologs thought that Christian should leave campus with a physical reminder of his time on the Hill. On his last day, he received a jar full of little notes from the girls saying goodbye and looking back on all the memories from the past five years. 

“As a graduate of St. Francis, Christian came to us already understanding our Dominican Catholic culture and all of the values of being FIT women. He fit seamlessly into our community,” Mrs. Rosemary Johnston said.