Fall play preview: It’s a must see


Olivia Ocon

Angelina Reddy ’21 loses herself in her character during rehearsal.

The fall play for 2019, “This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing,” by Finegan Kruckemeyer will bring an uplifting story and a focus on the craft of acting to the Hill as the theater department debuts its first outdoor show, under the night sky. 

The play, which will run from Nov. 7 – 10, is a feminist fairytale that showcases triplet sisters as they find their own path in life. At the age of 10, the protagonists are abandoned in the woods by their father. Each of the triplets then goes on a separate journey: one heads west, one heads east and the other one stays where she was left. The play is centered on female characters who come to appreciate one another’s presence and love.  

“It’s about home, it’s about identity and it’s about sisterhood,” Ms. Jane McEneaney, the theater teacher and play director, said. 

The performance will take place in the amphitheater due to the current construction taking place on the theater building. McEneaney, who goes by Ms. Mac, plans to take advantage of this opportunity to put on a performance outside. 

“The show takes place in the forest, so to do it under the trees and under the sky I think will be a special, unique thing,” Ms. Mac said.

Because of the outdoor stage, when choosing the show, Ms. Mac looked for a story that would put a greater focus on acting rather than on props and sets.

“I’m excited to do a show that doesn’t rely on lots of bells and whistles but relies on the actors and their creative instincts,” Ms. Mac said. 

The audience will see three different students share the role for each one of the sisters, resulting in a total of nine girls playing the triplets. 

“My favorite part of being cast as Albienne with two other girls is that I get to share the same bond and friendship that the sisters share in the show with both of my castmates,” Simone Crowder ‘21 said. 

Brenna Derbish ‘21 agrees that sharing a role with two castmates facilitates a close bond. 

“You have to emotionally, physically, and vocally connect in a way that I think is a new experience for all of us in the show,” Derbish said.

In the play, each sister figures out who she is and what she stands for. After many years of having lived their own adventures and circumnavigated the globe, they find their way back to one another in the place where it all started.

“The three sisters separate as young girls but return as women,” Crowder said. 

Ms. Mac invites all members of the community to attend and share this big story together. 

“7:00 in the amphitheater. Wear your coat,” Ms. Mac said.